The Islands


Pebble Island
Pebble island is one of the outlying islands, it is approximately 24 miles long  it is a sheep and pig farm. One end of the Island has three mountains and the other end is very flat and has several ponds with black neck swans and a variety of wildfowl breeding there. You can also see sea lions on Pebble Island and several breeding colonies of Penguins. The settlement lies on the narrow neck of land in the middle of the Island. Pebble Island Lodge offers full board and overland tours to explore the Island.


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Saunders Island.
Saunders Island is aproximatly 30,000 acres and is the site of
the first British settlement in 1765. It is now a family run farm packed full of wild life, with miles of black browed albatross colonies and four types of Penguin. Self catering available on Saunders Island.

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Golding Island
Golding Island group is owned by the Hirtle family and they farm sheep on the Islands. Previously Golding Island, Pebble and Keppel Islands were owned by Dean Brothers and were all farmed as one group.

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